About Me


Hello there, blog world. My name is Alyssa and welcome to Fawnly Yours.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself before I go into the clothes!

Like I said before, my name is Alyssa. It is lovely to meet you! I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA with my fiancé, dog and cat. I am currently a stylist for a popular online clothing retailer and also a part time wedding photographer. Both careers are just perfect for me because I love clothing and I love giving people the chance to see life through my point of view.

My mission with Fawnly Yours is keep a record about my experience with adapting a capsule wardrobe lifestyle. Working at a online retailer, I have the wonderful opportunity to purchase clothing and find many pieces that work well with my interests. At first, I could not contain my excitement with working with so many designers but now, as my closet and dresser start to over flow with pieces that I have not even worn in the year of owning that dress or top, it is time to cut down the inventory and start becoming more sensible with what I purchase and keep. It is kind of really overwhelming to look and see so many gorgeous patterns and designs that I really have no use for.

I began to research different ways to start over with my wardrobe, one way that really interested me was the idea of a capsule wardrobe. In case you were wondering what a capsule wardrobe is, I would highly suggest for you to read the following blogs that give an amazing run down about how a capsule wardrobe works.

Now to be quite honest, I know I really do not have the discipline to contain my wardrobe to just 20-30 pieces (including shoes!!). So I am doing a variation of a capsule, and maybe in the future it will just automatically end up that way. This blog is to help catalog the journey and the process. I hope you guys enjoy it.


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